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“My silence is not a sign of weakness, or cowardice, but the birth of something far darker– the beginning of my vengeance.” 

In the wake of losing two of their own, the Originals are determined to make those responsible pay for their actions. Time is said to heal all wounds, but soon Taylor finds out the truth firsthand. Time can’t fix everything.

Some say people never change like it’s a bad thing, but maybe change is the problem. It’s a thin line between better and worse. No one fully knows what they’re capable of until they’re pushed a step too far. And when push comes to shove…there may just be a killer in all of us.

Sometimes you think you want to disappear…but all you really want is to be found.

Discovering she’s been lied to since the beginning, Taylor struggles to trust anyone she thought she knew. Every truth has become questionable, and every feeling of trust has been lost. The worst part is knowing she is no better than the one who deceived her.

Secrets are exposed, tears are shed, and the past is nothing but torture. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy; and looking back, it’s nothing but a filthy mess.

“I was told death is never the answer. All life matters. Don’t fight fire with fire, you’ll get burned. I had never felt more lied to.”

After finding a clue as to who caused the rapture, Taylor is determined to find who’s responsible. She realizes knowing the truth will come at a cost—a cost that she is more than willing to pay.

After losing everything that ever mattered to her, Taylor finds herself in a position in which she can end all her suffering, but with it comes a choice. After all, death is inevitable. Does it really matter how it happens?

Have you ever had a nightmare where your entire world fell apart in the blink of an eye? What if it wasn’t a nightmare?

Taylor Price was a normal girl with a normal life. She went to school, had a job, even had a good group of friends. She worked hard and created a good life for herself, but it didn’t matter–none of it did.

Without recalling going to sleep, she wakes up to realize she has been missing for hundreds of years. The rapture has already occurred; however, Believers keep reappearing out of nowhere. They haven’t aged and have no idea where they were during the time of their absence. In the new world of 2376, Taylor comes to the painful realization that her life will never be the same.

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