About the Author

Jaidyn T. Schortzman lives in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. She is the only red-head in a family of six. She and her friend, Bruce James White, began writing the first book in the series together years ago. After his sudden passing in 2017, she continued to write the novel with the intention of completing all five books in the series. Thank you for reading their work and helping the memory of Bruce continue on for their readers to enjoy!

Author’s Note from Inception

“Bruce was so talented at creating stories,” Jaidyn said. “I would have never written this if it wasn’t for him. If you had told me 5 years ago that I was going to write a book, I would have said you were crazy. If I hadn’t met Bruce, I would not be the person I am today. He forever changed my life for the better. I hope you enjoy the world he and I created. It’s chaotic, and heartbreaking, and confusing, but that’s life. This book shows just how important it is not to take anything for granted; because in a split second, it could all be taken away from you.”

Author’s Note from Affliction

“It seems while writing these books there’s never a dull moment,” Schortzman said. “This year has hit everyone with such twists and turns. However, I believe my hardship is what makes these books so amazing and so real. Pain and sadness is part of life. Like most seniors this year, a lot was taken away from me. Through that grief of what I lost, I worked on Affliction. I had already decided on the title of this book before the pandemic, which is now so fitting. This is definitely a painful book to read, but pain is what’s real. Loss is what’s real. I know that I’ll never have superpowers like my characters do, but I do have the ability to create an escape for other people. That’s what reading and writing has always been for me. So come on, let’s escape.”

Author’s Note from Reflection

“There is so much more to a story than words on a page,” Schortzman said. “It’s the feeling that you leave your readers with. Whether that’s joy, anger or sadness, the feeling can never be more real despite the fact of it being fiction. Every character in this series has a purpose. Or rather, they served their purpose. Ending this book the way I did wasn’t an easy decision. However, the reality is that people die every day. This past year has once again reminded me how little time we actually have with each other. So treasure every second and every moment, or you’ll find yourself stuck reflecting and there is nothing more painful than regret.”

Author’s Note from Conviction

“There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than achieving your own personal goals,” Schortzman said. “Writing this book specifically has been the hardest yet. With moving, to new jobs, to new roommates, things in my life have been full of changes. Despite what others may say or think, I write these books for myself more than anything else. This is my coping mechanism—my home away from home. It’s the one thing in my life that remains constant. It’s who I am, and I won’t ever change that for anyone. People will fall in and out of your life; but ultimately, you decide who stays. So don’t fall for the lies and deceit, pick the good ones.”